The Great Fitness Experiment: One Year of Trying Everything (January 2011) Body image and fitness are hot topics for both men and women. The Great Fitness Experiment is my hilarious, poignant, embarrassing, and at times, heart-breaking journey to find my way through the morass of contradictory claims and information in today’s health- and fitness-obsessed world. I try out a new workout each month in an attempt to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what’s just plain weird. In this book I detail my first year of Experiments, delving into such subjects as the Action Hero Workout, Cross Fit Training, Going Vegan, Double Cardio, and others. Interspersed between the chapters on the monthly experiments, I include personal essays on everything from my past experiences with eating disorders to testing the ugliest fitness shoes on the planet to lessons about what I’ve learned from being a girl in our body-obsessed culture. I write candidly about my history of anorexia, orthorexia, and “general-low-self-esteem-exia,” including anecdotes about the effects of the health craze on my students, friends, and gym buddies. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (and then you’ll either want to hug me or slap me – or both) but you will definitely be entertained.

The Great Fitness Experiment: The Sequel [Yes, this title sucks - still working on it!] (Coming in January 2012) Where the first book left off with me having discovered a whole bunch of things that didn’t work for me, this new book covers all my favorite Experiments over the three years since the first book ended. I go to eating disorder therapy, have another baby (my 5th!) and continue to try out everything under the sun. Except this time I do find what works for me and my body when it comes to food and exercise. It’s not a magic formula and I’m not perfect at it but I’ve banished most of my demons, coming to a place health and peace. Included in this book are reader favorites like P90X, swimming, boot camp and my own favorites like Rachel Cosgrove’s program, yoga and Intuitive Eating.


My book and I (wow, that sounds like I sleep with it and have matching jammies) have been featured in a wide range of magazines including Shape (Jan 2011), Fitness (March 2011), Prevention (Feb 2011), Women’s Health UK (Feb 2011), First for Women, Woman’s Day (Jan 2011), and the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Apr 5, 2011).


In addition to blogging daily here at The Great Fitness Experiment, I blog for The Huffington Post and am a paid contributor to Redbook, Shape, Yahoo!Shine, BlogHer and iVillage. My writing has also appeared on Jezebel.com, Fitnessmagazine.com, Livestrong.com, USAToday.com and the Chicago Sun Times and many others.

I also do weekly slideshows for Shape.com where not only do I come up with the moves and write about them but the Gym Buddies and I get to be the fitness models for it! Check out my piece for Shape magazine, 25 deceptively simple exercises, as one example.


I was chosen by Demand Media – the company that supplies the online content to many of the nation’s largest newspapers – as one of 2010′s Top 3 Bloggers.

Athleta picked me as one of their Top 5 Favorite Fitness Blogs.

Fitness Magazine selected me as one of their top Health & Fitness bloggers.

Experience Life Magazine’s Revolutionary Act named me as a top fitness expert and my book as one of their favorite fit-living resources.

Media Appearances

ABC’s 20/20 with John Stossel

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Fitarella on The Pulse

Fox’s Morning Show with Mike & Juliette

The Kevin & Cheryl show on 102.9

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