Eggsplosion: The “other” time of the month [Ovulation syndrome and how to deal with it]

June 3, 2014

Women ovulate. Sometimes we do it while walking down the street, during meetings, talking on the phone and even while we sleep. Oh hi mom! I’m good. You? Oh nothing much, just sitting here spontaneously popping out an egg and thinking fondly of you!  In fact some of us are probably doing it rightthisverysecond and you wouldn’t even know it! Heck, we might not even know it! Just part of the magic of having lady bits. But some of us know exactly when the egglet is expelled because we do it while doubled over in pain. And up until this month I […]

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Finding your happiness: The problem with dieting to get skinny, running to win and working only for money

June 2, 2014

“You see my happy shirt?” The little girl’s insistent face pressed nearly up to mine before I noticed her, so enthralled I was with  the book I was reading tonight at the library. Truth to be told I didn’t notice her shirt at all, at first, but rather her halo of little cornrow braids with various candy wrappers expertly tied in so that she looked just like a rainbow of Skittles. So I smiled. What other option did I have? Proudly she unzipped her jacked and puffed out her twee chest, her toddler breath puffing into my face, reminding me […]

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Extreme selfies: Is it kosher to post pics of you on yoga, marathons and, heaven help us all, on the Christ the Redeemer statue?

June 2, 2014

From playgrounds to red carpets, selfies are everywhere these days. Unfortunately selfie etiquette hasn’t caught up with the trend yet, as evidenced by the student who recently tried to snap a picture of himself in the lap of a priceless 19th century statue — and broke its leg off in pursuit of an “extreme selfie”. I’d define that for you except that it just seems to be “an insane picture with my face in it so people can identify the body/law enforcement can locate me/I win parties”. (Side note: the part that bothered me most about Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons – […]

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This is how NOT to talk to women about our bodies [new video claims to debunk the thigh gap, is full of stupid]

May 29, 2014

In an art house, hermetically sealed both from germs and the passage of time, this conversation happened: “Yo, did you see the thigh-gap on that chick last night?” “The what?” “The big space between her legs! It’s the must-have accessory of the year. All the girls want one.” “That’s weird.” “Yeah, I kind of thought so too.” “And kind of sad.” “But hey, you know what would really help women feel better about their bodies? If we made a movie that objectified them! And then lopped off their heads! And took away their voices! How better to make them accept […]

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Is learning a second language worth it? [Researchers say not really, to which I say el burro sabe mas que tu]

May 28, 2014

I can still vividly remember her face — her dark hair curling around her face, her hands gesturing widely as she told me a very dramatic story. I nodded and grinned. Then I remember her big eyes filling with tears. Wait, what? I wiped the idiot smile off my face and wracked my brain for the English translation of the word she kept repeating. Finally, after some interesting and animated charades, I realized that my high-school Spanish teacher had failed me miserably. He never taught me the word for miscarriage.  I’d been sitting with this woman in Chiclana, Spain, for half […]

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My Great Pee Experiment [The surprising answer to how much water we should really be drinking]

May 26, 2014

This is so so true for me.  Colorado is a desert. A high plains desert, but a desert nonetheless. So why are we having this geography discussion (on a holiday, no less)? Not because I doubt your eremological skillz but because apparently I forgot where I live. It turns out deserts are known for being dry places and for the past year that I’ve lived here, while I’ve been slathering on lotion and chapstick to sooth my dry skin, it seems I’ve neglected my dry innards. Let me back up: To the bathroom. (All good stories start or end in a […]

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What to do for a woman who’s having a miscarriage: Love, listening, lunches and other stuff [Reader Question]

May 22, 2014

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to not tell you… I just, uh, just didn’t know what to say to you,” my friend said, tucking a soft blanket around her adorable chubby-cheeked infant. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to keep her warm or hide her from me. “But why would you think I wouldn’t be happy for you?” I stammered, still thrown by the surprise of meeting what had been a very close friend who now had a baby I didn’t even know was coming. “Well, because you… you know.” I know. I know I had a miscarriage.  “How old […]

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Is gluten sensitivity a real thing? New research says your bagel bloat is all in your head

May 20, 2014

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel and late night TV to be the harbinger of the next big thing in dietary science. I mean, he is the guy famous for the “I ate all your Halloween candy” videos after all. So when I read a new study about gluten sensitivity (or lack thereof, as you shall soon see), the first thing I thought of was his “What is gluten anyhow?” sketch a couple weeks ago where he asked people on a gluten-free diet what it is they’re hiding from. Jimmy makes all the science fun:  (click through to see video if […]

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How being a pet owner keeps me healthy

May 19, 2014

Jungle Kitty is our cat Luna’s nickname – because I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s still a wild beastie and that our house is a primordial jungle through which she stalks her prey. Her prey, of course, being us and small inanimate objects like hair ties, LEGOs and Barbie shoes. (Oh and my water glass – she is RELENTLESSLY tipping over water glasses! I have no idea why. Maybe she just likes the water splashing? If someone would care to explain this weird facet of cat behavior to me, I’d be much appreciated.) But one of Luna’s favorite things to attack […]

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My cat got stuck in our car engine and almost died today [How do you deal when your pet is hurting?]

May 19, 2014

NOTE: I had a prescheduled post about Luna for Sheba set for today, before any of this happened. (That post was written and scheduled a month ago as the third out of three posts I collaborated with Sheba on.) When she got injured this morning,  I posted on social media about the accident and so I figured people would be weirded out if I put up the Sheba post with no mention of how she’s doing now. So I combined this update with that post and…. BIG MISTAKE. As several commenters rightly pointed out, it looked like I was exploiting […]

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