Are Vegetarians Really Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters? New Study Says Yes

April 6, 2014

 Don’t get mad at me, the scientists said it. (Plus, you know how I love a good pun!) Eating animals has been one of the greatest existential problems of my life. Which either means I’ve had a pretty easy life or I’m prone to dramatics. Both? Seriously though, the decision whether or not to eat meat has caused me more agony than childbirth. Hahahaha no. Childbirth was like PTSD-level pain. But it’s definitely worse than watching all 27 (ish) seasons of Friends and being disappointed that Ross and Rachel ended up together. Or even that time I chopped jalapenos and then took […]

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Runners, Dancers and Yogis Beware: Why You Should Never Ignore Hip Pain [And what to do if you have it]

April 3, 2014

This picture alone is why America needs to have more subways. Yoga is supposed to be the ultimate non-competitive exercise but if you’ve ever spent time in a “serious” yoga class (or even a not-so-serious one) you’ll discover the Pose Off. I wish I was talking about lining up all the mats like a catwalk and having each yogi do their best Tyra impression. No, I mean the inevitable comparison of who can do which advanced poses and how well. Since overt bragging doesn’t mesh well with the whole yoga vibe, you have to make your stunts look calm and […]

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New Makeup Ads Make Me Surprisingly Weepy [Hiding the Outside to Make People See the Real You on the Inside]

April 2, 2014

 Can you see the person in this pic? Liu Bolin is an artist who specializes in hiding in plain sight. Hair extensions, colored contacts, spray tans, cosmetic surgery, tooth veneers, the finale of How I Met Your Mother – in a world that’s increasingly fake it seems like more and more people are seeking out authenticity. Even if the real deal isn’t as “pretty” as the fakery. We’ve seen this recently with the #nomakeupselfie trend, fashion’s embrace of “normcore” as the new It Thing and more and more celebs peeling back the curtain on what they really look like without […]

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The Five Stages of Grief… for My Huge Pus-Spewing Zit [Anyone have a good blemish remedy?]

April 1, 2014

Bounding into my room this morning at still-too-early-o’thirty (official Kid Standard Time), Jelly Bean threw herself across my slumbering back and did a perfect imitation of wee Princess Anna in Frozen, proclaiming, “The sky’s awake! So I am awake! So we have to play!” My crabbiness was overcome by her cuteness and I cracked a smile. But when I say “cracked” I literally mean cracked. As in something by my lip snapped. And it hurt! I stopped smiling as quickly as a Sharpei at a Botox party. I ran to the mirror and was greeted by my old nemesis – my Bermuda […]

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My “Failure” As a Fitness Writer [Truth: You're No More a Failure Than Everyone Else]

March 31, 2014

J (10): I AM SO TERRIFIED RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T MOVE. S (11): Why did you climb up here then? J: I had to! S: No you didn’t. J: I had to prove I’m a man.  M (7): Well I climbed twice as high as you and I’m two years younger and I’m two times braver so that makes me (counts on fingers) ten times the man you are. S: Actually that means you are only six times the man J is. Which is why I’m the smart one. I’ll still be alive long after you two kill each other […]

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Four Flashlights, No Batteries: Our First Family Camping Trip

March 26, 2014

Four flashlights. And none of them with working batteries. An inauspicious beginning for our first-ever tent camping trip for longer than one night with all our kids. (That’s a thing, right? Like baby’s first tooth and the kindergarten choir… First forced family togetherness in the wilderness!)  Which is why we are setting up our tent in the dark. Oh and did I mention it’s raining and supposed to drop below freezing? Yep turns out that old stereotype of deserts being hot – Not always true. ANYHOW. As you have surmised, it’s spring break here and we are taking a luxury […]

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I Don’t Know How I Feel About the #NoMakeupSelfie Trend [Cancer "awareness" scam or beautiful reality check?]

March 26, 2014

Yep, I tried it! Snapped this selfie fresh out of the shower and still with my post-workout hair. No makeup, no filters. No cancer either… that I know of. On the scale of Things That Irritate Me, “cancer awareness” is pretty close to the top. That phrase ranks right above people who lick their fingers at the dinner table and Karl Lagerfield’s cat Choupette and just below Miley Cyrus’ tongue film, for things that make me grind my teeth so hard the vein on my neck starts to throb. Did you know approximately 50% of all people will develop some […]

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Gym Stressing You Out More Than Working You Out? The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing With Gym Drama [Reader Question]

March 25, 2014

Every gym has this guy. (He’s a car! No he’s a human! Wait, he’s a Transformer!!) Is it terrible my first thought was “I would have taken off my jacket and tucked in my headphone wires first?” Because I really kind of want to try this even if it is the definition of ridiculosity.  Gossip, intrigue, power plays and morality plays: From the small stuff to the life-and-death stuff (sometimes literally), gyms are a microcosm of life. Add all the hormones, endorphins, sweat and fatigue from a good workout and you’ve got a recipe for the best reality show ever […]

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Have You Ever Been “Gaslighted”? Why You Don’t Get To Call Me Crazy [My Emotional Freedom Manifesto]

March 24, 2014

You are crazy. He said it so many times I believed him. I had to. It was the only explanation that made sense. The alternative – that he was a charismatic psychopath hell-bent on destroying me – was too terrifying to be considered. And so I believed him when he told me that I was “making a big deal out of nothing” when I freaked out after finding him throwing mice at the side of a dumpster and then lighting them on fire. I believed him when he told me that he was only choking me to “help me” overcome […]

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The Cure For Not Being Good Enough [What Makes You Beautiful?]

March 20, 2014

I dread the day when this sweet little girl looks in the mirror and sees anything but a gorgeous miracle.  There comes a day in every girl’s life when she realizes that she is not the prettiest princess in the room. I’m not sure exactly when that day was for me but I know I was very young. Having a daughter myself, I can tell you that every girl is born into this world knowing she is the most gorgeous, amazing creature ever. Every body part, including her tummy, is just a body part and something to be examined (and […]

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