What To Do With A Rutabaga?

by Charlotte on February 12, 2008 · 3 comments

I cook pretty much like I swim: I enjoy it, I flail gloriously, I make a huge mess and the results? Hit or miss. People think since I cook a lot (almost every meal I make is from scratch and I try to eat out only once a week) that means I’m a good cook. I am not a good cook. A passable cook who gets lucky with a great recipe on occasion would be more accurate.

However, since Gym Buddy Allison gave up meat for Lent & several of you feisty commenters asked for my fave veggie recipes, I’m going to oblige… by giving you the links to the awesome sites I pirate all my recipes from. I wish I had even one that I could call my own but despite having my name in it, I did not invent Chocolate Charlotte. Although from the amount of chocolate I eat, you’d think I would have thought of it. I’m lazy like that:)
PS> I’m not trying to make a vegetarian out of any of you omnivores out there. You can always just browse for side dish ideas;)

The Hall of Fame

Veggie Nub – One of my favorite veg sites ever because not only is Reader TJ adventerous, he has the same ADD problem I do. I must always have new recipes. It’s like shoes. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s my little bro (what can I say – brilliance runs in my family.) If we’re really lucky, he’ll post his recipe for vegetarian “Girl Scout Cookie” Samoas (because you know the real Girl Scout variety are made with actual Samoans, right?)

Women’s Health Magazine – They have an awesome recipe finder, that while not specifically vegetarian, has an amazing number of healthy ways to trick your veggies out. This month’s issue has an awesome 4-page spread of veg porn that kept me entertained in the Denver airport for at least half of my FOUR HOUR LAYOVER after getting bumped (yeah, I’m talking to you FRONTIER). Start here to vamp up your veggies. Plus you can trust them to be healthy.

Fat Free Vegan – One of the first sites I tried out when I went vegan and the only one I have stuck with (word to the wise: PETA’s recipe site? Sucks. It’s full of saturated fats, processed crap and propaganda). Even though I’m no longer vegan I still love this site. It never gets boring and every. single. recipe. I’ve tried here has turned out truly awesome. Plus the commenters give awesome tweaks. This recipe for cherry walnut banana muffins is one of the few “staple” recipes I always come back to.

Allrecipes – You just can’t beat this site for comprehensiveness, search capabilities & wacky concoctions. I love it so much I have considered naming my next child after it. (Kidding womb! Stop cramping!! And no I’m not preggers. Wow, how did we get into this territory? Ahem.)

And, in case you are curious, tonight’s dinner was Not-Your-Grandmother’s-Vegetable-Soup (we called it Borscht growing up but whatever). My husband, possibly the least picky eater on the planet – bless him, said it was “not bad” and ate two bowls. My children only ate it after aforementioned hubby told them it was made from dragon berries and cooked with dragon breath. But they did eat it. I’m calling it a success.

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas! Thanks for the questions – please let me know your favorite recipe sites!

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thejulia February 12, 2008 at 5:26 pm

yay! thanks!


Gym Buddy Allison February 13, 2008 at 3:39 am

Thanks Charlotte, can’t wait to try them! You never really realize how much meat you are eating and how much restaurants are lacking vegitarian meals until you give it all up!


Leslie February 13, 2008 at 2:18 pm

I wish there were a dessert called Chocolate Leslie. That would freaking make my day.

I can’t recommend any recipe sites because I don’t cook, although I’ve become slightly obsessed with my new slow cooker – made veggie chili the other day and it’s fab. I just Googled “veggie chili slow cooker recipe.” Not exactly the Barefoot Contessa, am I?


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